Why Pre-Plan?

Make your memorial a true reflection of the life you lived.

Make the planning of your memorial a shared decision. You spent your whole life with your loved ones making critical decisions, why should this decision be any different.

Your estate planning will be complete. Even though many people believe estate planning ends with the reading of a will it actually ends with your family’s personal memorial tribute. Having your families sacred ground chosen and identified with a memorial insures that your heritage and legacy will forever live on.

Be assured that your cemetery memorial is a true reflection of the life you lived. Being able to tell your story in stone is one of the most unique ways that we can become creative in our own lives. Capturing ideas that reflects our interest, beliefs and accomplishments and incorporating those ideas into a memorial can be a very satisfying experience.

Your heirs won’t be left guessing. Let’s face it, no one likes to make up another’s mind, pre-selection of your cemetery memorial will take the burden away from your family and will prevent possible disputes and delays that often result when survivors are left to make critical decisions.

Your life insurance will be used for its intended purpose, to take care of those you love and care about.

A critical decision will not have to be made at such an emotional time. Becoming aware of your options before actually making any critical, irrational decisions will allow you to be more at ease when going though the design process of a cemetery memorial.

No matter what happens, memorialization will be complete. There is no doubt about it; we can’t predict what the future will bring. Financial trouble can often times delay or indefinitely keep families from being able to purchase a memorial. Disagreements amongst family can unfortunately also bring about the same results.

Peace of mind is the satisfaction of knowing your wishes are being fulfilled just as you would want them to be.