Our Stone

Rock that has withstood the test of time.

The granite that we use for your family’s cemetery memorial is carefully selected from a reputable quarry and manufacturer. We are privileged to be able to have the opportunity to work closely with your family to insure that you are getting the best possible quality memorial available. For well over a century, our primary focus at the Binghamton-Johnson City Monument Company has been to provide quality, affordable memorials, it is that simple. Our Binghamton-Johnson City Monument Company Quality Guarantee assures you and your family that the memorial you purchased is made of solid granite or marble and had been carefully selected to remain void of any cracks or seams.

Our Binghamton-Johnson City Monument Company Quality Guarantee also assures your family that the granite or marble selected has also been sawn and polished using the best craftsmanship methods known in the industry. We assure you that no artificial colors or epoxy mixtures have been used in the production of your memorial. We proudly offer an extensive offering of granites and marbles from all over the world. We can accommodate any budget and have the knowledge and expertise to produce the finest memorials.

In addition to providing to our families with our own Binghamton-Johnson City Monument Company Quality Guarantee, we also are proud to be recognized as the areas exclusive Rock of Ages memorialist.

Stone Colors

Starlight Black

Absolute Black

Black Mist

Medium Gray

Midnight Black

Blue Gray

Light Gray

Laurentian Green

Cameo Rose



Canadian Mahogany

Velvet Red


Regal Rose

Wild Rose

Imperial Tropical Green

Imperial Blue Pearl

Imperial Cats Eye Brown

Stone Finishes


A dark, mirror-gloss finish, made with felt buffer and tin oxide.


A rough, random-texture finish created by spalling with high-temperature gas flames.


A dark, smooth finish, ground with carborundum wheel or loose abrasive and water.


A wide variety of smooth and textured patterns made by pneumatic hammers and steel chisels.


A light, smooth finish, from grinding with iron wheel and chilled steel shot.

"Rock Pitched"

A hand-cut rustic finish with edges dressed to a straight line.

"Tiffany Finished"

A light, smooth finish by sand blasting with fine chilled-steel shot.

"Shell Rock"

A hand-cut rustic surface with strong, scalloped or dish shaped appearance.