Additional Services

Much more than just stone.

Full service on-site cemetery lettering:

A large part of our business during the spring, summer and fall months involves our firm actually going to numerous cemeteries throughout the Southern Tier to inscribe a loved ones final date of passing onto an existing cemetery memorial. All work contracted through the Binghamton-Johnson City Monument Company is completed by the Binghamton-Johnson City Monument Company, we take great pride in our work and refuse to sub-contract any of this type of work out to other monument companies or private engraving services.

Click here for Our Printable Cemetery Lettering Form.

Granite Memorial Accessories:

We proudly supply a wide array of additional memorial accessories. Such items include but are not limited to Stainless steel/porcelain photos, granite, marble, bronze and other types of metallic vases. Vigil lights and candles that burn up to seven days.

Granite, Marble and Bronze Refinishing Services:

One of our most popular and highly recommended and requested services. Living in moisture rich Upstate New York many granite and marble memorials are prone to developing lichen and moss growth overtime. Our granite and marble cleaners are the best in the industry and allow us to bring out the true beauty of your memorial, the same beauty that was present the day it was erected in the cemetery.

Bronze Refinishing Services:

A major component of bronze is copper and overtime a natural process known as oxidation occurs and causes the natural copper color to discolor and turn green. Our expert team of bronze refinishers will carefully refinish any bronze back to its natural brilliant characteristics.

Memorial Repair and Restorative Services:

Whether a memorial is cracked in half as a result of nature or vandalism or a memorial is tipping to one side, our repair and restorative technical experts will always be ready to assist your family in determining the best remedy to your situation. We do our absolute best to retain the natural beauty and integrity of each and every memorial that we work on. It cost nothing to inquire about these services, please feel free to call us or drop us an email, and when time permits we will carefully explore your request.